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I'm Kara,

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) & Certified Personal Trainer in Mountainside, New Jersey. As a counselor, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist, I am uniquely qualified to help you find lasting solutions to your emotional problems and work with you to optimize your physical health.

I've always been a fitness enthusiast and found exercise and running  effective in helping me manage stress  which would always show up through anxiety.  After I became a mother, my anxiety heightened.  I no longer had the time or energy to spend the same amount of time working out as before my kids.  I needed to find a better balance with my exercise, nutrition, sleep, and social relationships in order to be my best self for me and my family.

With my unique background, I realize the limitations of therapy alone for someone struggling with anxiety and depression. Since our problems are multilayered, they require an approach that considers the whole individual. Therefore, to optimize both physical and emotional well being we need to deal with the mind as well as the body.

“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you , Doesn’t mean you can should , or need to do it alone .”
– Lisa Olivera

“” There is crack in everything , that’s how the Light gets in ” “ – Leonard Cohen.

As a teacher, school counselor, and personal trainer, I've had the experience and opportunity of working with individuals to promote their emotional and physical health.  Many of my clients battle anxiety and/or depression and have to overcome many emotional and physical hurdles through our journey together.  

I tailor my approach directly to each individual's needs and utilize mindfulness techniques to help people embrace the moment and help them focus on the present.  We will work together to foster the mind and body connection and understand how much of an impact they have on one another.

I also utilize CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to assist clients in becoming aware of manipulating thoughts and replacing them with more positive and productive thinking patterns and behaviors. 

I am passionate about helping others who may be experiencing challenging situations in life by developing a comprehensive plan to obtain the necessary skills to promote personal growth and a happy and fulfilling life.

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